Becoming a GPS Spiritual Inventory© Certified Practitioner

In this comprehensive course with Rev. Dr. Paul Burns you will learn:

  • The theory behind the GPS Spiritual Inventory ©
  • The three factors of spiritual health
  • The nine markets of spiritual health
  • How to understand the assessment results
  • How to coach/counsel with the results
  • How to help create a spiritual health maintenance and development plan
  • 13 spiritual health practices to share with your clients

PLUS, receive a 1-hour one-on-one with Rev. Dr. Paul Burns to round out your certification.

The GPS is the result of a nationwide study with participants of diverse Christian beliefs. The GPS assists practitioners in quickly pinpointing the underlying spiritual issues that have been keeping clients from freely moving toward their hopes and dreams. Practitioners have access to the individualized assessment and coaching to help with knowledge of Spiritual Health.

Course Curriculum

  The Underlying Theory of GPS
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  How the GPS Spiritual Inventory Works
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days after you enroll
  Coaching with the GPS with Chad Hall, MCC and President of Coach Approach Ministries
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days after you enroll
  A Bevy of Exercises to Develop Spiritual Health
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days after you enroll

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Take the GPS for Yourself

The God-Personal-Social (GPS) Spiritual Inventory assesses the depth of your relationship with God, the level of your self-differentiation, and your capacity for empathy for others. The roadmap for an individual's spiritual journey starts with the GPS Spiritual Inventory©, which delivers a 16-page individualized report with a graphical scoring summary measuring the 3 factors and 9 subfactors.

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